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Calendars, Memo & Chalkboards

Calendars, Memo & Chalkboards
At Sass & Belle, we have developed lots of fun and pretty products that are practical for around the home and in the office. Our ranges of chalkboards & memoboards are nothing short of extensive, and you will find plenty of handy ways to display messages and notes. 

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Hanging Heart Chalkboard Small Product code: HEART258 In stock £2.50
Weekly Planner Chalkboard Product code: CB-WP In stock £8.50
Today is Going to Be a Good Day Calendar Block Product code: HEART330 In stock £13.00
Scalloped Chalkboard with 3 Hooks Duck Egg Product code: HEART165-DE In stock £10.00
Ashley Farmhouse Scalloped Chalkboard with 3 Hooks Product code: HEART165 In stock £10.00
Hanging Chalkboard Speech Bubble Small Product code: HEART261 In stock £2.50
Hanging Chalkboard Cat Small Product code: HEART264 In stock £2.50
Vintage Wire Heart Photo Holder Small Cream Product code: WIR002-CR In stock £5.00
Ashley Farmhouse Heart Chalkboard with Hooks
Ashley Farmhouse Heart Chalkboard with Hooks Product code: BFA006 In stock £18.00 £12.00
Chalkboard Cat Product code: CB-CAT In stock £5.00
Sweet Dreams Cloud Chalkboard Product code: JANE179 In stock £9.00
Pineapple Chalkboard Product code: JANE181 In stock £9.00
Cactus Chalkboard Product code: JANE182 In stock £9.00
Chalkboard Heart Product code: CB-HEART In stock £5.00
Fancy Oval Hanging Chalkboard Product code: JANE118 In stock £3.50
Fancy Rectangular Hanging Chalkboard Product code: JANE119 In stock £3.50
Arrow Chalkboard Product code: JANE121 In stock £3.50
Fire Engine Calendar Block Product code: JANE138 In stock £10.00
Black Chalkboard & 3 Wooden Hearts Product code: WOOD021 In stock £10.00
Noughts & Crosses Chalkboard Product code: CB-OXO In stock £3.50
Oval Chalkboard Modern Marrakech Single Hook
Oval Chalkboard Modern Marrakech Single Hook Product code: BOU267 In stock £7.50 £5.00
Black Cat Chalkboard Product code: JANE180 In stock £9.00
Hang Man Chalkboard Product code: CB-HANG In stock £3.50
Fairy Wishes Room Chalkboard Hanging Sign Product code: JANE140 In stock £5.00