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Standing Decorations

Standing Decorations
Discover a great selection of homeware essentials and pretty gifts in our standing decorations range. Here you will find everything you need for the mantelpiece or bedside table, including ornaments, standing letters, bookends, money boxes and tokens.

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Badger Woodland Friends Bookends Product code: HEART341 Low stock £13.00
Wildflower Standing Mr & Mrs Letters
Wildflower Standing Mr & Mrs Letters Product code: HEART456 In stock £15.00 £10.00
Bear Camp Bookends
New Product!
Bear Camp Bookends Product code: HEART530 Low stock £15.00
Gold Pineapple Money Box
New Product!
Gold Pineapple Money Box Product code: XDC167 In stock £18.00
Dinosaur Bookends Product code: BE-DINO In stock £10.00
Red Riding Bookends Product code: BE-RIDING Low stock £10.00
Set of 3 Wise Owls Product code: BOU070 In stock £15.00
Green Tractor Bookends Product code: JANE136 In stock £13.00
Mr & Mrs Fund Jar Product code: POSY007 In stock £10.00
Tropical Pineapple Money Box Product code: XDC119 In stock £15.00
Owl & Branch Bookends Product code: BE-BRANCH In stock £13.00
Digger Bookends
Digger Bookends Product code: JANE134 In stock £13.00 £10.50
Whale Bookends Product code: JANE166 In stock £18.00
Retro Space Bookends
Retro Space Bookends Product code: JANE167 In stock £13.00 £10.00
Alphabet LED Light Decoration Sign Product code: LUMI028 In stock £13.00
Pug Money Box Black Product code: XDC026 In stock £15.00
Cactus Money Box Product code: XDC159 In stock £14.00
Set of 2 Rustic White Cut Out Star Standing Decorations Product code: MHBXM017 In stock £23.00
Owl Woodland Friends Bookends Product code: HEART347 In stock £13.00
Mr & Mrs Wooden Words Product code: SC016 In stock £13.00
Unicorn Money Box Product code: XDC063 In stock £15.00
Transport Fireengine Bookends Product code: BE-FIREENGINE In stock £10.00
Busy Bugs Bookends Product code: HEART466 In stock £15.00
Dino Skate Park Bookends Product code: HEART467 In stock £15.00
Gold & White Parrot Money Box Product code: XDC130 In stock £15.00
Holiday Fund Money Box Product code: KD057 In stock £10.00