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16 Things We Love About The New Year

16-favourite-things-1.jpg Okay, we admit it, January can be depressing. It’s cold, the joy of Christmas is over and Spring seems far away. We’re often chubbier than when we started December, and we’re somewhat poorer too. But, and we give you a big fat BUT here, it’s not all bad. At Sass & Belle we like to consider ourselves positive people spreading uplifting messages via pretty gifts and homeware. Well we’re going to inject some positivity into your bleak January too! Here’s a list of things that we love about the New Year. Anytime you’re losing the will to live, read over this list (16 reasons for 2016) and remember to smile.

  1. January provides a fresh start  A new year, a new you. Creating a list of New Year resolutions can be empowering. Sit down and ponder what is it you want to change about yourself or your life. Follow your dreams and do something little and often to make it happen. After all the New Year means a fresh clean slate and you should relish in it.
  2. It’s still okay to snuggle up inside watching a movie of an evening  When the days get lighter you can feel guilty about not being in the outdoors but when it’s miserable outside you can seek bliss in the comfort of your own home. Put on the fire, light your favourite candle, stick on a movie you love and sit back and relax guilt-free.
  3. Time to invest in you – This is your opportunity to invest in you. Gone is the month of sourcing gifts for other people and endlessly racking your brain trying to figure out what your gran might want for Christmas. This is the month of treating yourself. TREAT YOURSELF.
  4. January sales  Which leads nicely into our fourth point – Sales. Yeah you might be shopped out but think of the bargains! Get retail therapy and buy gifts for yourself. You deserve them, we know you do.
  5. The Oscars are impending – This means the cinema is completely swamped with incredible movies all fighting for the gold and shiny gongs. Grab a friend and making a weekly thing of going to the cinema. Why not watch all those nominated for awards and become your own critic. You could even host your own Oscar themed party in honour of the ceremony.
  6. There is always potential for it to snow – Whether you had a white Christmas or not, snow is always beautiful. It’s amazing how even the most mature people revert back to childish behaviour when a blanket of snow hits town. If temperatures do drop ensure you enjoy it. Wrap up warm, grab your buddies and act like nine-year-olds again! We know there is a big kid inside of you.
  7. Spring is just around the corner – You may hate January but before you know it, it will be a long and distant memory. Spring and all its goodness is just months away and the wonderful thing about the weather in the UK is you never know when it is going to appear. We do love surprises.
  8. The days are getting longer – Seeing as we have now officially passed the shortest day of the year, it can only mean one thing – the days are getting longer! Soon the times of 4pm darkest will be gone and we’ll be able to leave home while it’s still light. Bliss.
  9. Time for a spring clean – At Sass & Belle we LOVE a spring clean! There’s something so therapeutic about sorting, organising and cleaning. Make room for all of those lovely gifts you received (and your January sales purchases). Put on your favourite playlist, some marigolds and get stuck it. It’s surprising how much stuff you find that you really don’t use. Instead of throwing stuff away why not donate to your favourite charity. One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure after all.
  10. Escape the January blues and go on a mini break – There’s no time like the present to pack your bags and escape your city to a whole new one. You’ll be surprised how many good travel deals are going in January. Go, explore, collect memories, take pictures and fall in love with a new place. The sun doesn’t need to be shining. You can dip into galleries, museums or sit in a café counting raindrops and letting the moments pass you by.
  11. New Year = new stationary – Buying a new planner for the year ahead is one of life’s little pleasures (at least for us) we relish in planning our year and dreaming about what’s to come. Think a blank new planner doesn’t even know the awesome plans it’s going be filled with yet. All those memories will be treasured for years to come.
  12. No more parties – Alright, alright we love a party or two we really do, but sometime it all gets a bit much. A month of detox is certainly in order and we secretly enjoy it.
  13. Healthy eating commences – Ahhh January, so full of hope and enthusiasm. So convinced that the healthy eating after months of indulgence will stick. We enjoy those early days when everyone is on the bandwagon, no temptation, just long conversations about the nasty things that you usually eat and how you will never eat them again. We don’t know then that two weeks later we will have most likely reverted back to our old ways.
  14. The crazy holidays - There’s loads of fun public holidays, including ‘National nothing day’ ‘National dress up your pet day’, ‘Make your dreams come true day’, ‘Popcorn day’ and ‘Cheese day’. Now those are things worth celebrating.
  15. You can enjoy your new gifts (and trade with other people if you don’t like them) – January is all about enjoying the new things you’ve been gifted over the Christmas period. After being on your wish list for an age you are now finally owner of whatever it may be. Enjoy it while it is still new and fresh!
  16. Sass & Belle’s Spring collections are just around the corner  You have so much to look forward to from your favourite store. Not only do we have some amazing collections coming which we are SO excited to show you but we have some other things up our sleeve for 2016. Watch this space!