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At Sass & Belle we love to bake and thankfully we have lots of gorgeous baking products to make the process that bit easier. Today we’re showing you how to make Blueberry & Lemon Friands. This delightful recipe was taken from BBC Good Foods website and we’ve added some golden nuggets of advice to the original instructions. It’s the perfect light treat; the addition of the fruit and zesty flavours mean it’s our go to summer snack.
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Lent is finally over! Well done to everyone who has abstained from treats for 40 days! What could be better than Carrot Cupcakes? Lately the prettiest baking products have come into stock, including this bohemian cake stand. Pretty baking equipment is the best inspiration to bake all day long, and Easter was the perfect excuse to get in the kitchen! Here’s a simple recipe for you:
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Of course normally you can expect chocolate eggs and family feasts over Easter, but we worked on something little different for you. We now have pretty Easter Cookie Cutters (available online) which come in super cute packaging making this an ideal surprise gift! Here we’ll show you some fun ways to decorate cookies – you’re going to get your hands dirty! This is also the perfect activity to get little ones involved as well.
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