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Being faced with the threat of another British summertime, a wet and breezy affair which leaves us lusting for warmer climates, is not the dream. Oh no. At Sass & Belle, we'd rather indulge in tropical heat and balmy beach walks. Sadly this isn't always easy to find in little ol' blighty...Luckily we have the answer! Inspired by our Tropical Summer collection, we’ve created a playlist that will brighten your day, come rain or shine. It will inject happy vibes and fruity feels into your life with all its fun summer tunes. Pop it on, have a boogie and enjoy the sunshine…
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We would be lying if we said Sass & Belle HQ don’t love a cocktail or two. Anything tropical-inspired that reminds us of warm summer evenings, we’re on board! If it quenches our thirst in the process? Then all the better! Inspired by our super summery Tropical Summer collection, we’ve created two types of cocktails, one with alcohol and one without. They are really easy to make and utterly delicious. Pass us the cocktail shaker, we’re ready to impress…
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Oh Summer holidays, how we love thee! We think back to the excitement we beheld at the prospect of six weeks off from school and complete freedom being only moments away. ‘School’s out for summer!’ we would chant as our parents would shudder with panic; how would they possibly keep us entertained for six whole weeks? By day five you can guarantee that there would be whines of ‘I’m bored’ filling the hallways and bouncing off siblings. And while school holidays fill us with nostalgia and cause us to reminisce about the days of yonder, for those who are parents, the holidays are a reality of ‘what do I do with my child?’ We can’t guarantee this advice will keep the whines at bay but we do hope that the activities we suggest are enjoyable for you too, and let’s be honest that is really important!
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There is something about summertime that makes everyone smile, no one can deny that. But what exactly is it that makes us happier folk? Perhaps it’s simply the sun? Or maybe the longer, warmer evenings? Or it could be being at the beach with the feeling of sand between your toes? It seems everyone has a different answer on what it is that makes these warmer months so magical. Trusting in our loyal customers, we recruited your help to solve our curiosities. Last month we launched a competition and we also asked you ‘what’s your favourite thing about summer?’ Some of the answers completely inspired us so we’ve dedicated a whole blog post to what we (that’s you too) love about summer. Thank you for all your splendid answers and watch this space for plenty more competitions coming your way…
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