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Behind-the-scenes: Meet Hana!

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Fancy a peek behind the Sass & Belle curtain? 

In the first of an ongoing series, we’d like to introduce you to the smiling faces and creative minds behind your favourite products here at Sass & Belle HQ!   


What inspired you when creating the Rainbow Unicorn collection?

You mean other than stardust and candyfloss dreams?! As a lover of Hello Kitty and all things glitter, making something girlish and magical came quite naturally to me, as I truly haven’t grown out of it. When choosing the colour palette for the range, I was inspired by those spiral pastel coloured marshmallows, but besides that, I mainly took inspiration from all things sweet and magical that I loved as a child and still love today.

What’s your typical creative process? 

I always begin a project drawing by hand, even if eventually it becomes a completely computerised design. For example, Betty the Unicorn acquired her wings and ombre hair after some time of living as a pencil outline. Some ranges suit a more naïve or hand-painted look, in which case I usually turn to watercolours and paint from images or from life objects.


What’s your favourite product in the Rainbow Unicorn collection? 

The Unicorn Money Box, because it’s such a statement piece. It’s so large that it feels like you own a pet unicorn in your very own bedroom!

Cactus or Llama?

Cactus, because you can be so creative with the puns…and I’m a succa for puns!

Finally, describe yourself in three emojis!

Stay tuned for more glimpses behind-the-scenes here at Sass & Belle, where you can learn about the people, processes and inspirations behind your favourite designs! 

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