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Dried Flower Bouquet & Place Cards


To mark the start of British Flowers Week we decided to celebrate the beautiful blossoms with our very own how to. Flowers can make a room and they are often said to change the entire feel of a wedding, thus considered a vital part of the preparations. Dried flowers are currently very on-trend with Brides-to-be. Not only do they add tons of rustic charm, but they last too. This means you can get crafty with them weeks before your big day and your masterpiece won’t wilt.

Toon, a lovely member of the Sass & Belle team, got married last weekend and she kindly shared her expertise on creating the perfect finishing touches to your wedding table (and it’s not exclusive to wedding décor; we’ve prettified our houses for summer too). We took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and headed to Clapham Common to prepare some bouquets and to give you a simple tutorial on how to achieve these looks.

Place Cards

Add a touch of pretty and woo your guests with these unique place cards.

You will need

Toon’s Tips  ‘It’s important to research the different types of flowers. With Lavender it’s worth noting the varieties; if you want a stronger colour then go for Provence Lavender, but if scent is more important to you then the British Lavender will be a better choice. I went for a mix of both and also bought some Wheat and Rohdanthus.

  1. Pick out some dried flowers – around six or seven pieces. Make sure you select a variety of colours and types so that your selection looks like a mini bouquet. We’ve chosen some lavender and added a Rohdanthus to give it some colour.
  2. You also want to go for different heights and levels so it doesn’t look too one dimensional.
  3. Cut the ends of the flowers. To fit these place cards we’ve cut them so there about 12 cm long (with some height variety between each flower).
  4. Tie some ribbon in a bow around the flowers like so.
  5. Once you’ve tied the ribbon you will need to glue it to your place card. Apply to the back of ribbon, attach to your place card and hold for a few seconds until you’re sure it’s secure.
  6. You can now write the name of the lucky guest and you’re beautiful placard is complete!

Vase Bouquet

These vase bouquet add a touch of charm and the smell of the lavender is like summer in a jar.

You will need

  • A vase/jar, we’ve used one of lovely Rabbit Trinket Jars
  • Dried flowers
  • Scissors
  • Some ribbon
  • Some hessian (or a fabric of your choice)

  1. Wrap some hessian or fabric of your choice around the jar and cut to size.
  2. Secure with glue.
  3. Cut some ribbon and wrap it around the centre, finishing off with a bow. 
  4. Split your flowers in to sections as we’ve done below. 
  5. This might be easier when you’re flower arranging. 
  6. Cut the stems of the flowers to a suitable size for your vase or jar. 
  7. Use your creative genius and instinctive eye to add flowers and arrange into a beautiful boutique.

There you have it! A gorgeous centerpiece.

Now isn’t that blooming lovely? We hope you like our how to with flowers and have inspired you to get crafty. Have a happy British Flowers Week!