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Spooky Oranges


Halloween without a pumpkin is like Christmas without a tree: a travesty. Pumpkins add an element of cosiness, charm and of course spookiness. This week's DIY is inspired by the pumpkin. A spooky orange, yep that's right, is a perfect alternative to the usual trick or treats sweets or pumpkin decoration. Giveaway to your visiting neighbours and it will be sure to make them smile.

You will need

  • Oranges and/or Clementines
  • A selection of treats, such as wrapped chocolates or Skittles/M&Ms
  • Tealights
  • A spoon and a bowl to empty the fruits in
  • A sharp knife or grapefruit knife to carve the spooky faces into the fruit’s skin

  1. Slice off the top part of your oranges and keep the ‘hat’ to the side.  
  2. Using a spoon, scoop out the inside of the oranges into a bowl. 
  3. Once you have made a mess (because trust us, you will), rinse the oranges and leave them to dry for around an hour. This way you avoid getting the treats sticky once you put them inside! 
  4. Once dried you can carve funny and spooky faces into the skin of the oranges. Be original but mind your fingers! 
  5. Now, you can fill your oranges with sweets and some with tealights to get a spooky atmosphere. Create a little area for them and wait for visitors!

You can add a few candles, pumpkins and plastic spiders for an even scarier feel! They are much easier than carving pumpkins and so much cuter because they are so dinky! Don’t forget to blow off the candles once the party is over. 

Happy Halloween!