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The Great British Bake Off is Back!


Bakers and cake-lovers across the UK, rejoice! The Great British Bake Off is back and it didn’t disappoint. Hollywood and Berry (is that the best duo-name ever or what?) are on our screens again for two whole months and they’ve brought with them a variety of great bakers. We couldn’t be more chuffed. Here’s what we thought of the opening episode of series six. On your marks, get set, BAKE! (Includes spoilers).

Ones to Watch (our Top Five)

  1. Marie (star baker)
  2. Tamal
  3. Alvin
  4. Flora
  5. Nadiya

 Favourite Bits

  • As Marie’s hair got wafted by the oven fan Mel retorted ‘I feel like I’m at a Rod Stewart gig’. Oh the giggles.
  • Strategically important Paul and his doppelganger, Paul who seems to be rather important too (he’s a prison governor don’t ya know?)
  • We collectively whaled ‘oh Stu’ after every one of his bakes. Sue’s words of wisdom ‘There is nothing wrong with doing something simply and well’ (take note Stu).
  • Tamal’s pistachio and rosewater Madeira cake with apples shaped like roses was a little bit special wasn’t it? It made us want to try making it. Emphasis on the try there.
  • We wanted to cry when Dorret’s cake collapsed! For a split moment we thought we were going to have another cake-in-the-bin situation (throwback to Alaskagate), but luckily she held it together (not the cake though). Who would have guessed there would be so much drama in a baking show?!
  • When Mary consoled Dorret about her mudslide ‘I think it’ll taste good’, tasted it, and then looked rather disappointed. Awkward.
  • How good did the black forest gateaux look? Showstoppers indeed. We particularly liked the contemporary designs from Nadiya and Alvin. Well done you.
  • Mel’s ‘Right, M’dearas’ pre them baking their Madeira cakes. Those two!

Things We’re Excited For

(other than biscuits next week which we can’t contain our excitement for!)

  1. Soggy bottoms and other innuendoes. Crack was a particularly good one this week.
  2. More tests from Mary. We were particularly fond of the candied orange test and she did it with such sass, the way only Mary Berry can.
  3. We LOVE the tension, thrive on it even. It gets us through the week!
  4. Cake.
  5. Bunting…of course.
  6. Cake disasters (does that make us evil?)
  7. Sandy seems like she’s going to be up for a good old’knees up. Because she’s ‘random’.
  8. More amazing facial expression for Nadiya.
  9. Cake.
  10. An excuse to bake simultaneously. Or just to eat cake simultaneously.
  11. More of Ian’s delightful ‘wallpaper paste’.
  12. Will Flora get used to the oven?.
We’re so glad our favourite TV show is bake (oops we mean back…cake on the mind you see). Watch this space as next week we will be showing off our baking skills and making some delicious ginger biscuits.