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Easter DIY // Origami Egg Holders


This is the final Easter DIY of the series. We hope that you’ve enjoyed following them as much as we did creating them! It’s ORIGAMI time!! The perfect activity on a rainy day or on Easter Sunday. Also on an evening or with kids, and even with a glass of wine… well! Just the perfect activity right? For Easter we prepared these unique paper egg holders! Sass & Belle offers a pretty selection of wrapping paper which are perfect for this DIY.

You will need

  • Paper cut square (we used 20cm x 20cm)
  • Eggs or chocolate eggs.


  1. Cut your paper square. We recommend using a double sided paper for a better look as a result (or you can glue two sheets together like we did).
  2. Fold in half.
  3. Fold again to make a square.
  4. Now if you open your ‘square’ up, you should see a crease in the middle.
  5. Bring each corner to the middle crease, creating a total of 4 visible creases.
  6. Both corners should join at the middle crease.
  7. Open up again to half of the original square and lay horizontally. Slide your thumb in the folds and push up upwards.
  8. Do the same on the other side and make sure to press the creases flat.
  9. Turn your origami over.
  10. Fold the wings to the middle, making a square.
  11. Fold the corners up.
  12. Repeat on the other side. This should create a tip.
  13. Bring that tip to the top.
  14. Flatten the crease.
  15. Turn around and do the same again on the other side.
  16. Fold the corners up.
  17. Bring the tip created to the top.
  18. You should be left with a rectangular.
  19. That’s it! Now squeeze the sides of it and push the bottom up.