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Discover even more joy in gift-giving with our NEW wrapping service! Thoughtfully packed by our team and complete with a personalised note, the lucky recipient will receive their special gift in a lovingly designed box. Just select the gift wrap option at checkout, write a message for the recipient and we’ll make sure that your gift arrives in one of our beautiful boxes! If you’re gift wrapping several items, we might use more than one box (but we'll only charge you for one).

Unfortunately, some items are too large to fit in our gift boxes. If we’re not able to gift box any of your item(s) the gift box option will not be available at the checkout for those items. To see if your item is eligible for gift wrap, look out for our "Gift Wrap Me" icon on each product page. Please note that we won't include invoice and price list inside the gift boxes.

Have a question? Contact us and we'll be more than happy to help!

Gift Wrap