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sustainability mission

Getting your order to you safety is an important priority to us, and so is doing it in an environmentally-friendly way. We aim to deliver your orders in as few boxes as possible and protected with planet-friendly packaging.

The Recycled Way

  • sustainability mission

  • It's at the top of our list to ensure each of your orders are packed with environmentally friendly materials.
  • We are using recycled cardboard and re-purposing supplier boxes where possible.

Let's Get Shredding!

  • sustainability mission

  • To find a purpose for all unusable boxes, we have invested in a shredder at our Distribution Centre.
  • Where possible, we use this recycled material instead of bubble wrap or other protective plastic.

Goodbye Plastic Waste

  • sustainability mission

  • Another big source of plastic waste comes from the tape used to secure your parcels safely.
  • We have switched from wasteful plastic tape to recyclable paper packing tape to seal up your precious orders.