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sustainability mission

We used to make our packaging from laminated card; meaning there was a layer of plastic on the surface. We have now removed this, and all packaging including printed boxes will be made from unlaminated card so that it is widely recyclable.

As of Spring/Summer 2022, all new stock will benefit from any relevant changes listed below.

We Are Recycling!

  • sustainability mission

  • From Spring/Summer 2022 onwards, all new packaging, including printed boxes and swing tags, will be made from unlaminated card so that it is widely recyclable.
  • Removing plastic from this aspect of our business will significantly reduce waste that would end up in landfills.

Your Turn to Recycle

  • sustainability mission

  • Look out for the OPRL logo on our packaging boxes.
  • Once you've unpacked your item, you can dispose of it in a way that doesn't harm the planet.

Check the Symbols

  • sustainability mission

  • Look out for our new system of symbols that will appear on packaging and our website.
  • Now it's even easier to learn about our material qualities and manufacturing processes, including what's plastic free, food safe, recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Improving packaging is very much a work in progress, and these changes will filter through as old stock is replaced with new. However, we are committed to adopting better packaging practices as swiftly as possible, and to researching the availability of new materials to achieve this goal.