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Kids Night Lights

Kids Night Lights
Light up their rooms and imagination with our whimsical night lights. From safari friends to woodland creatures, discover characters full of personality to soothe them to sleep. Each style is lovingly designed in London and at an affordable price for your pocket.
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Cute night lights

Keeping the lights on at night helps little ones to feel safe and cosy, so getting a night light with their favourite characters or animals on it helps to add an extra-special touch to their night-time routine. And when their night lights are as cute as ours, they’ll have no problem drifting off into the land of snooze – from fluffy bears to joyful rainbows, these night lights will help to keep nightmares at bay and let your little ones relax as they go down for the night.

Children love fluffy animals (and so do we!), and our little llama night light is the perfect sleepy companion for your kids as they drift off, with its perky ears and colourful saddle. Woodland creatures like our hedgehog night light are also a welcome sight in your wee one’s room when all the other lights turn down, as the night light glows softly and automatically turns off after 25 minutes to help conserve energy.

All you need is some batteries and some of our themed gift wrap to complete this gift – your little ones will be able to settle down for their bedtime story that night with their new night light already in action. We have a whole variety of gifts for kids that will excite them and fill them with delight, so why not check out our range of unique gifts to find the perfect present for your favourite little people?