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sustainability mission

We are always looking at ways to remove plastic wherever possible along the supply chain, working closely with suppliers to source recyclable and biodegradable materials to replace plastic-based packaging. 

Finding Alternatives

  • sustainability mission

  • We have discovered better ways to pack your items safely that avoid the use of unsustainable materials.
  • Where possible, fragile items you order will be packaged in shredded card to avoid excess plastic.

Hello Unwaxed Tissue Paper!

  • sustainability mission

  • Broken items can be just as wasteful as using excessive plastic, so we're excited to have found an alternative that prevents delivery and transit damage.
  • We are waving goodbye to the use of plastic on smaller less fragile items and replacing it with unwaxed tissue paper.

Efficient Packing

  • sustainability mission

  • We've become experts at efficient packing to optimise and reduce void space in our parcels.
  • Smaller boxes equals less wasted materials!