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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Brighton is one of our favourite places and not just because it is home to one of our lovely Sass & Belle stores (although you have to admit, it is pretty). Maybe it's the sea air or the laid back vibes, but whenever we leave the city, we feel as though it's stolen our hearts. There's so much to do it can be overwhelming so we've planned out the perfect Brighton weekend. You can thank us later...
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Oh Summer holidays, how we love thee! We think back to the excitement we beheld at the prospect of six weeks off from school and complete freedom being only moments away. ‘School’s out for summer!’ we would chant as our parents would shudder with panic; how would they possibly keep us entertained for six whole weeks? By day five you can guarantee that there would be whines of ‘I’m bored’ filling the hallways and bouncing off siblings. And while school holidays fill us with nostalgia and cause us to reminisce about the days of yonder, for those who are parents, the holidays are a reality of ‘what do I do with my child?’ We can’t guarantee this advice will keep the whines at bay but we do hope that the activities we suggest are enjoyable for you too, and let’s be honest that is really important!
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Bank holidays are a rare treat but in the beautiful month of May, our weekend is extended by an extra day, twice! Lucky us. How we spend our weekend, however, is very weather dependant. Particularly when you consider Britain’s track record and current forecast! We explore the best things to do this weekend, come rain or shine.
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