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25 Thing We Love About Christmas


At Sass & Belle we love to celebrate and wholeheartedly enjoy any occasion, so you can imagine how much we adore Christmas? Everything about it is magical, including Father Christmas and his reindeer (how do they do it?). Read our list of things we love about Christmas and no doubt you’ll be feeling Christmassy by the end! Here are 25 things we love about Christmas:

  1. Mulling drinks– cider, wine. Apple juice. It makes everything taste delicious!
  2. The endless hope of a snowy, white Christmas
  3. The only time of the year eating chocolate and drinking alcohol in the morning is acceptable
  4. The excitement of the countdown, the advent calendar in particular
  5. The presents…obviously!
  6. The endless shopping – any excuse to pop to our favourite shops
  7. Long winter walks
  8. Christmas sweet treats. Including gingerbread men, mince pies, Christmas cake, Yule log, Cocoa…the list is endless!
  9. Christmas songs
  10. Spending time with your friends and family
  11. Getting crafty
  12. Decorating the Christmas tree
  13. Watching your favourite Christmas movies
  14. Feeling like a child again on Christmas Eve as you eagerly await Santa’s visit
  15. Having a well-earned break - some time to recoup and fall into a food coma!
  16. Christmas crackers. Come on, we all love the cheesy jokes inside!
  17. Getting to spoil all your loved ones with gifts
  18. Secret Santa
  19. The parties! So many parties
  20. The smell of Christmas candles
  21. The endless board games
  22. Christmas dinner with all the trimmings
  23. Going to see Christmas shows, like The Nutcracker and the local pantomime
  24. Not doing anything all day except eating and drinking
  25. Getting into the Christmas spirit!

What are your favourite things about Christmas? We’d love to hear your list! Let us know via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Merry Christmas!