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DIY Home: Pom Pom Garland!

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We love anything colourful and fluffy, which is why we’re a big fan of the pom pom craze! We decided to find out how to make our very own furry friends to create all sorts of wonderful decorations to share with you! 

Read on to discover how to make your own pom pom garland in just 12 easy peasy steps!

Things you'll need:

Step 1: Choose your colours!

We went for a very colourful approach inspired by our Lima Llama collection: Dark blue, light blue, orange, green, cream, pink, purple and red. You could choose a theme featuring pretty pastel colours, neutral greys and whites, or even create a rainbow of poms!

Step 2: Prepare your Pom Pom Maker!

These are super easy to use so don’t worry. You can also get them in many different sizes. We’ve used a medium sized one for our garland, but the larger ones are perfect to create crib mobiles or key rings! The little ones are great to make a key ring or hanging decoration with three different coloured pom poms all together. To prepare, open this little gadget to look like the below image.

Step 3: Wrap away!

Begin to wrap the yarn in your chosen colour around one side of the maker. Make sure the plastic is totally covered by pushing down the yarn as you go along. The more layers you create while wrapping, the thicker and fluffier your pom pom will be!

Step 4: Thread through

Once the yarn is completely covering the plastic of the maker and you’ve layered up as many times as you wish, thread your yarn through the gap as seen in the below image. This allows it to be free to begin wrapping on the other side!

Step 5: Let’s go round again!

Close the finished side and begin to repeat the exact same process on the other side of the maker until the whole thing is completely wrapped up with yarn. Repeat the threading technique to finish as before to secure, and make sure both sides are closed in preparation for the next step.

Step 6: Snip snip!

Take your scissors and carefully cut through the top of your wrapped yarn. Make sure you stay in the centre when you do this! Repeat on the other side and cut the yarn tail off to separate your soon-to-be pom pom from the ball of yarn.

Step 7: Tie the knot

Take a new string of yarn and thread through the centre of the maker. Cut away from the yarn ball to around the length you see below. Tie the top in a knot and tighten to secure the middle of the pom pom. Repeat the same at the other end of the maker to make sure the yarn won’t unravel once you remove it from the maker in the next step.

Step 8: Free the pom!

Gently pull the side of the maker away and it should detach into two halves like the below. This will release your very nearly finished pom pom!

Step 9: Even poms need haircuts

Take your scissors and trim the stragglers on the pom. A good tip is to find the lowest point and cut the rest to match to make it nice and even. The shorter you cut down the pom pom, the neater and puffier it will look! Keep trimming until you reach your desired outcome.

Step 10: Multiply!

Time to make more of these cute little pals. Go ahead and make as many as you wish to attach to your garland. Remember, if you have a set of different sized makers you can keep them all the same size or mismatch. Let your creativity run free!

Step 11: Get attached

Take some more yarn for your garland string. We opted for cream for a neutral colour that would look great with all our other colours. Lay your pom poms out in a line with the amount of space between them you wish them to have when on the garland. Now you can measure and cut the yarn to the correct length. Tie the yarn around each pom pom in a double knot to attach them in a row.

Step 12: Decorate!

All done! Go forth and adorn your entire home with these adorable and easy-to-make fluffy friends! We love them to brighten up a bedframe. How will you use yours?

We hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial! We hope it’s inspired you to get your arts & crafts hats on to create something fun and full of colour! Share your creations with us on social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest