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Big Cake Bake for NDCS


Every May Sass & Belle takes part in National Deaf Children’s Society’s (also known as NDCS) Big Cake Bake to raise money for the lovely charity and to honour National Deaf Awareness Week. Not only is it an excuse to eat cake (who needs one really?), it’s a reason to put a lot of our pretty products to good use and get the office together for a right old knees up. This year we took advantage of the shining sun and hosted a vintage tea party outside.

What we baked

No cake sale is complete without, well cake - it’s in the name.This year we asked everyone in the office to bake anything they wanted and as a result, we had a table completely full of delicious cakes. For sale, are you ready for this it’s a mouthful, there was: Victoria sponge, chocolate cake, coconut macaroons, chocolate brownies, chocolate muffins, lemon drizzle cupcakes, chocolate salami, apple, parsnip and maple syrup cake, mini doughnuts, orange & geranium chocolate cookies, baklava and Grandma’s little cakes. There were a lot of chocolate themed treats which went down very well! The most popular dish was Grandma’s little cakes made by our lovely Ecommerce Merchandiser Noemi. She tells us a little bit about her cakes which stole the show:

‘I would say Grandma’s little cakes are a delicious hybrid of a cake and pie made with love like everything Grandmas do. Originally this recipe is intended to be a pie but I did little cupcakes instead. The recipe came from a Grandma’s friend who had some free time for creative ideas. Each cake has three different layers. The base is made with biscuit, egg, butter and a touch of coffee (it makes all the difference!) Second layer is the most delicious one made with chocolate/cocoa powder, a bit of sugar, milk, flour, butter and lemon (just the peel). The lemon skin will give the cake a soft touch of lemon flavour. On top, you add the cream and a bit of grated chocolate and bon appetit!’

The look

The theme of the cake sale was 'vintage tea party' because at Sass & Belle we adore all thing vintage-inspired! (Although you may have guessed that by now). Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, we used trinkets and finery to create a magical look. Victoria, Sass & Belle’s Junior Content Editor explains:

‘We wanted something dreamy, pretty, and that really caught the imagination. We have so many products that are fantastically quirky and adorable, they just fit the look of a tea party. Anything with a vintage floral print was a must, but we didn’t want to overload the eye. It was hard to be selective when there’s so much to choose from! We went with shabby chic clocks and placed them alongside trinket dishes, which don’t traditionally belong at a tea party but worked nonetheless. Perfect for collecting donations in!’  

As no tea party is complete without woodland animals, especially one hosted by Sass & Belle, there was an array perched on the bench, looking very ready to eat some cake.

To create this look at home invest in some pretty fabrics and cushions; soft furnishings instantly make a place look cosy, even if it’s a trade car park! Pretty flowers in vases add a touch of femininity and quirky trinkets are a must.

How much we raised

This year we raised £89.41 for NDCS (and counting)! The NDCS have been supporting deaf children and their families since 1944. With a whopping 95% of NDCS’s work for deaf children being publicly funded, raising money and donating to this wonderful cause is greatly appreciated. If you too want to get involved with fundraising for NDCS, head to their website to find out more.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Big Cake Bake and were extremely pleased that the sun was shining! Thanks to everyone in our office who baked, ate and donated. If you've hosted a cake sale in honour of NDCS then don't forget to tag @NDCS_UK and @sassandbelle on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #MyNDCSbake. Happy baking!